Week 39, Orchard Cider Year


ocy39-outdoorsSeptember 28, OUTDOORS: 8AM,  clockwise from BL, a trailer of Harry Masters’ Jersey waiting to go into storage, Luke unloading bins fast because the trailer needs an outgoing load of empties pronto. Right now these little HMJ apples taste like watery fruit salad & sugar with strong notes of aspirin & licking-a-lamppost. But their juice puts big fruitiness and quiet tannic grip into our ciders. Up close, HMJ look pretty while sporting some harmless “cosmetic flaws” (that must be strictly banished from an apple crop grown for grocery stores.)

ocy39-indoorsSeptember 28, INDOORS:  Here’s where those HMJ bins are headed. Alongside, pics of bin cards from some cider varieties that have come in so far. You’ve noticed that harvest, like pruning, is no spectator sport. A bunch of people figure out what varieties are ready to come in, go out to fill bins, haul in bins, label bins, stack bins, ditto ditto ditto.  Every day except when it pours rain.  We’d love to sell tickets if we could.   LDS

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