Week 38, Orchard Cider Year


ocy38-inSeptember 22, INDOORS: It’s hard to photograph Wanda because she moves so fast but Brenda caught her at each end of a siphon hose, racking barrel batches into a cube tank.  She seems to have noticed the camera.  BTW that word “ACID” looks kind of sinister but really it means “wicked acidic juice for balancing and lighting up our cross-variety blends” and usually consists of  Wickson, Esopus Spitzenberg, Ashmead’s Kernel, or combos of same. Don’t worry, the exact ingredients and composition are carefully recorded in the cider-room notebook under “#1606.”
And, finally, signs of an apple harvest!  Luke, stacking Major & Ashton Bitter.  Any of you who drive forklift understand his sideways lean – he must eyeball a perfectly straight stack, bottom to top.  (See inside the faint circle toward the lower right?)  Holding 600 lbs apiece, supporting far more, those big boxes better stand firmly.

ocy38-outSeptember 23, OUTDOORS: It has rained since midnight so the crew will start late.  Here at Black Hill sits some of yesterday’s yield. Downwind of these bins there flows an immersive current of sweet & earthy aromas, tropical richness, decadent luxury — strange & exciting on a grey New England morning. That’s cider-apple power: Ashton Bitter, to be precise.       LDS

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