Week 36, Orchard Cider Year


ocy-36-outSeptember 8, OUTDOORS: Well this year the harvest hasn’t cranked up yet because apples are ripening a bit late — but the crew is here to work!  John & Brown are cutting root suckers, which spring up around the bases of some trees when their rootstocks put out wood and foliage. Why? Because the above-ground tree, the grafted variety (see OCY 35), is sending down insufficient nutrients to satisfy the roots, so they send out wood and leaves to help.  This go-getter move must be foiled because we don’t want rootstock apples, and we do want the roots working full-time for the variety!  So here are ‘before & after’ pics of one case, with glimpses between of John fixing the situation. See how leaves of the variety (Major) and the rootstock (EMLA 106) don’t match.

ocy36-indoorsSeptember 8, INDOORS:  Tank cleaning, what else? That small powerful pump in the rightward photo rushes a plain rinse up to pour down through the top. H2O drains out the bottom, and crawls toward the drains, leaving puddles. The cider trolls dream of proper sloping floors in the new cider barn… donating our big squeegees to charity…   LDS

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