Week 34, Orchard Cider Year


ocy34outOUTDOORS, August 24:  Back in Week 19 we planted those little leftward trees in the top pic – in May 2015, the rightward rows.  See the trellising in the ’15 planting? Lower pics show Fitz & Brown today in the new rows, using another old & effective device (also borrowed). This post-pounder (a mini-piledriver) first hammers an enormous pin into the ground to make a post-hole, then smacks in the post with two blows.  Angling the end-posts is no problem, as you see.  The hammer is that boxlike weight: it’s reeled up, then dropped with an earsplitting bang.
But why trellis?  Trees grow apples years sooner when humans help support the weight of a crop: “grow less wood, more fruit,” orchard people say.  Ours are simple, low-density trellises compared to the norm in less spacious countries (viz. Israel, the Netherlands.)

ocy34inINDOORS, August 24: The cider-room is idle, so here’s a crooked montage of the new building. The shell is finished: on to the long process of flooring & fitting up the inside… auggghh!


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