Week 33, Orchard Cider Year


ocy-33-outOUTDOORS, August 15: Pest monitoring chore: Luke treks  to 34 sticky traps, scrapes off the old bugs and puts on new TangleTrap. Mustn’t confuse old bugs with new on the next monitoring round.
Also: 5-6 feet of sorghum sudan grass, seeded late June!  Note also hard evidence that thunderstorms, bringers of welcome rain, also enjoy clog-dancing.  Happily we grew this crop for tilling in, not for harvest.  (Fingers crossed for corn growers.)  Yes, Jacques is mowing somewhere. Everyone’s happy under clouds after days of braising last week.


ocy-33-inINDOORS, August 15: Bottling leads to labeling – Fitz & John moving smoothly, running unlabeled bottles through our slick little Italian (MEB) labeling machine.  Over in the cider room, a Farnum Hill gang plus Aaron, Adam & Peter from Milk & Honey Ciders are appreciating M&H cider samples, including one from their very first bottling (till now they’ve sold kegs only.) Among these samples are some of the absolute best OPC’s (other people’s ciders) we’ve tasted, ever.         LDS


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