Week 32, Orchard Cider Year


ocy32inINDOORS, August 10: Bottling bottling bottling bottling. Semi-Dry last week, Extra Dry this week, Farmhouse ASAP! Recall that these new ciders come from 2015 fruit… We need stacks of finished cases to fill orders during the fall ahead, while we’re picking and pressing this year’s harvest.  Brown sparges empty bottles, John fills, Wanda corks and Ryan fills the bins, hour after hour. But it’s cool in here.


ocy32-outOUTDOORS, August 11: Hot guys everywhere: it’s in the 90’s & humid. Jacques mows way out at Black Hill. Luke checks sticky traps for apple maggot flies.
Red balls may have begun to bore you, but they always thrill apple maggot flies, who lay the type of egg that hatches that classic “worm in the apple.”  To a fly brain, red balls outshine the real fruit; that sticky coating holds the incoming flies; Luke arrives to count them. This is called “monitoring.”  Today in this field Luke found no maggot flies, which so far speaks well for the “attracticidal” traps ringing this orchard.  (See OCY 29). Phew. AND – hottest of all – the roofing crew from Kleinhans Construction, moving along as though a day on steep griddles is no big deal.  That’s strength.         LDS

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