Week 31, Orchard Cider Year


ocyinweek31INDOORS, August 3: We bottle Farnum Hill SemiDry, with interim steps from top left, going clockwise: Wire Hoods awaiting their turn in the machine with our labeling system on cards below. (BB5 is the vessel the batch came out of; 1604B the batch number; SemiDry the finished cider.) Finished bottles are staged on a wooden table, below left, before being put into the bins for storage prior to labeling. The fraction on the card represents the bottle count; all of our dividers were damp this morning so there will be one bottom layer of 121 fizzy lovelies to be labeled, no bottles at all on the top layer for now.


ocy31outOUTDOORS, August 3: And now, a change from the new building shots! When you have lots of people coming and going from the farm (as we do), and lots of old spacious buildings (as we do), you accumulate lots of stuff. Bikes of various vintages and conditions line up with an old wheelbarrow as Fitz does some major cleaning out. If you need any of these, they’re likely to be out by Poverty Lane with a big “FREE” sign. That’s the New England way to get rid of stuff, STAT. -CW


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