August 2016

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    Week 34, Orchard Cider Year

    OUTDOORS, August 24:  Back in Week 19 we planted those little leftward trees in the top pic – in May 2015, the rightward rows.  See the trellising in the ’15 planting? Lower pics show Fitz & Brown today in the new rows, using another old & effective device (also borrowed). This post-pounder (a mini-piledriver) first hammers […]

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    Week 33, Orchard Cider Year

    OUTDOORS, August 15: Pest monitoring chore: Luke treks  to 34 sticky traps, scrapes off the old bugs and puts on new TangleTrap. Mustn’t confuse old bugs with new on the next monitoring round. Also: 5-6 feet of sorghum sudan grass, seeded late June!  Note also hard evidence that thunderstorms, bringers of welcome rain, also enjoy […]

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    Week 32, Orchard Cider Year

    INDOORS, August 10: Bottling bottling bottling bottling. Semi-Dry last week, Extra Dry this week, Farmhouse ASAP! Recall that these new ciders come from 2015 fruit… We need stacks of finished cases to fill orders during the fall ahead, while we’re picking and pressing this year’s harvest.  Brown sparges empty bottles, John fills, Wanda corks and […]

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    Week 31, Orchard Cider Year

    INDOORS, August 3: We bottle Farnum Hill SemiDry, with interim steps from top left, going clockwise: Wire Hoods awaiting their turn in the machine with our labeling system on cards below. (BB5 is the vessel the batch came out of; 1604B the batch number; SemiDry the finished cider.) Finished bottles are staged on a wooden […]