Week 30, Orchard Cider Year


OCY30OUTDOORS: Updates! Top right, John & Brown are replacing those battered white temporary mouse-guards, (rapidly wrapped round the newly planted trees back in May, top left) with dug-in black mesh for the long run.  As usual, John & Brown got here from Jamaica in time to kick up the pace of work as everything grows.  The guards help prevent bark-chawing rodent hordes from girdling & killing the trees.  (During winter, under the snow, they can girdle old, heavy-barked trees; the wee ones are snacks.) White spiral guards go back in their huge sacks for reuse.  BTW, look: decent growth on the new trees in a dry summer, and some branching too (see OCY 18.)  Middle, the green manure is up a foot in that plowed, harrowed field. Sorghum Sudan is grass the way field corn is grass, but without the ears – loads of organic material. Bottom, can’t stop knocking down the competition, sparing more moisture for the fruit trees.

OCY30inINDOORS: Growler Day is back! Many cider orchards around the globe do solid farm-gate sales into reusable jugs. Locals bring in their empties, taste, choose & buy new fills. Since 2008 we’ve been filling growlers in a small way – many interesting micro-blends go home with the neighbors. (Hand-notes visible on samples.) Certain trial blends meet resistance & teach us lessons.  Ordinarily we’re open most Thursdays year-round for growler customers, but G-day’s been suspended for months this year — so Corrie’s pleased to break that drought today. LDS

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