Week 29, Orchard Cider Year


OCY29 OUTJuly 18, OUTDOORS: Helping out with research mentioned last week: here’s Luke gathering berry samples needed to determine the effect on Spotted-Wing Drosophila of these round red “attracticidal” traps (made originally to stop apple maggot flies.  “Attracticidal” is a word that deserves to get out more, no?)  Year 1 of this experiment, 2015, gave encouraging results. Since then new research has shown that SWD tend to fly into raspberry plantings at about knee level, so we hung the balls lower this year.  There are 10 test rows amid 36 rows in the whole patch. Luke will stash the samples in cold storage till researchers can pick them up & compare the amount of injury found in controls vs. test samples. We made the bossy signs to warn Pick-Your-Own customers, because the spheres do look kind of fun. If none of this makes sense to you, see OCY 28 INDOORS.


OCY29 inBottlerJuly 18, INDOORS: A machine of shining parts: the bottler gets broken down, checked out and cleansed now because it goes to work soon. This is a 1964 Seitz Tirax counter-pressure filler, German-made: it puts sparkling cider into bottles without letting bubbles escape. There’s a lively international aftermarket in old Seitz bottlers, for good reason.  We’re pushing for August 1 release of 2015-crop Farmhouse, Extra Dry and Semi-Dry ciders. Fingers crossed!


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