Week 27, Orchard Cider Year


OCY27 OUTJuly 8, OUTDOORS:  Luke, seen putting fatal bait onto traps for apple maggot flies. We’d have nothing against those flies if they didn’t plan on punching their tiny eggs into our tiny green apples. Each egg hatches the traditional “worm in the apple” aka maggot aka larva that precedes a new fly. Apple maggot flies can destroy a crop in days. But scores of these gaudy fakes, hung round orchard borders, defend the real fruit. Their little caps are made of sugar and a small amount of specialized insecticide. The caps slowly melt down over the surface of the trap. Flies land, feed, and go no further. Older anti-maggot measures would cause far worse disruption in the ecological balance of our fields, so as militant IPM growers we push the envelope with these spheres.  Hail Ron Prokopy, the late genius entomologist whose discoveries brought on this giant advance, one of many. His scientific heirs are still quietly revolutionizing fruit-growing. In a better world, these people would walk  gorgeous green carpets through mad swarms of paparazzi.

OCY27 INJuly 8, INDOORS: This picture from the new cider room is a better photo than we could take in the present cider room. This time next year, the cider crew should be getting used to this view.  Right now they are pushing to get new releases ready for August – more on that soon.


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