July 2016

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    Week 30, Orchard Cider Year

    OUTDOORS: Updates! Top right, John & Brown are replacing those battered white temporary mouse-guards, (rapidly wrapped round the newly planted trees back in May, top left) with dug-in black mesh for the long run.  As usual, John & Brown got here from Jamaica in time to kick up the pace of work as everything grows.  […]

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    Week 29, Orchard Cider Year

    July 18, OUTDOORS: Helping out with research mentioned last week: here’s Luke gathering berry samples needed to determine the effect on Spotted-Wing Drosophila of these round red “attracticidal” traps (made originally to stop apple maggot flies.  “Attracticidal” is a word that deserves to get out more, no?)  Year 1 of this experiment, 2015, gave encouraging […]

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    WEEK 28, Orchard Cider Year

    July 13, INDOORS: Well, nearly indoors. This is a typical “twilight meeting,” organized for fruit-grower education. Here you see a dynamic entomologist, Kevin Rice, explaining how his team are working to find out whether the red anti-apple-maggot spheres you saw last week (remember?) can also be used to stop Spotted-Wing Drosophila. SWD is a tiny […]

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    Week 27, Orchard Cider Year

    July 8, OUTDOORS:  Luke, seen putting fatal bait onto traps for apple maggot flies. We’d have nothing against those flies if they didn’t plan on punching their tiny eggs into our tiny green apples. Each egg hatches the traditional “worm in the apple” aka maggot aka larva that precedes a new fly. Apple maggot flies […]