Week 26, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 26 OutJune 29, 2016 OUTDOORS: Remember Fitz plowing into the cloddy rooty surface of Two on the Hill back on May 19? Now it’s been seeded with sorghum sudan grass to build the soil (just before a helpful rain).  Now, out comes the chain harrow to comb soil over that seed. It kind of looks like an evil area rug? Luke can tow it along at several times plow speed, with stones rather than rocks supplying bumpiness; done in two hours. (Luke, Fitz and Wanda picked the last visible rocks Monday.) Grow, grass, grow!

OCY 26 InBy now we’ve featured quite a few of our tough old machines. They allow mere people to perform feats that would look OK on a Norse god’s resume.  Here’s Jacques (a Wagner fan) as Vulcan, in the cavern we call The Shop, replacing the power takeoff on a Holder tractor. Jacques maintains the superhuman powers we use here on any ordinary day. On the near side, from bottom: the sub-frame that normally holds that front end together, the old PTO, and the parts that held them together. Happy Independence Weekend!    LDS

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