Week 25, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 25 OUTJune 22, OUTDOORS:  That cyborg vision-enhancer covered in red electric tape, alias Steve’s Optivisor, opens a portal to wowville. Top left, a shriveled little applet (real word) that started growing, then quit, and would soon have dropped. Next, cross-sectioning a mighty applet sporting over 8 seeds, more than enough to typify a fruit that holds on till harvest.  A high seed-count cuts at least two ways: yay, each high count signals a fine fruit this fall but –  hmm, wherever those super-seeded fruits hang densely, blossom can be suppressed next year.  Big pic – early stages of helpful or harmless orchard-dwellers: lower left, glittering eggs of assassin bugs, which eat any other bug they can grab, including bugs that damage apples. Rah! Lower right – egg cluster of one kind of stink bug, harmless, and up top, a scrum of hatched stink bugs, harmless. Steve was actually looking for European red mites, not harmless, but so far this season not there either.

OCY 25 InJune 22 INDOORS: More of the potential indoors. (The real live cider room is doing what it mostly does: more tasting, more blending. It closely resembles earlier pics, only with less outerwear.) So look at this big fast-changing thing! The flat-top Noah’s Ark look will disappear tomorrow when that exciting crane sets peak trusses onto the next level. Big wows in the dooryard, micro-wows in the trees.      LDS

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