Week 24, Orchard Cider Year


OCY24 OUTJune 15, OUTDOORS:  Skilled mowing may look even less entertaining than skilled pruning, but too bad. On a shockingly beautiful day, Jacques brings out the  offset mower to reach tall grass right under the trees. That little horizontal tire off the left end prevents tree injury from the occasional biff against bark.  Mowing cuts competition for the moisture in the ground, and opens air circulation round low-hanging fruit.  Which discourages micro-fungi that can lay black smudges on nice apples.


OCY24 INJune 15, INDOORS: Again, future indoors. Up goes the cider barn frame, section by section. The skeleton helps us picture how the new building may look behind the old familiar trees. Especially with a little crude PhotoShopping, just for grins.       LDS

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