Week 23, Orchard Cider Year


OCY23 OUTSqFinalFixJune 8th, OUTDOORS: A productive orchard grows from thousands of early decisions. Fitz and Luke just moved through this 2013 cider planting, clipping back soft new shoots that sprouted from the central stem (“leader”) of each tree.  Some, to keep them from competing with the leader, which we want to grow as tall as possible in the next few years.  Others, to make them likelier to bear fruit early in life.  The gawky leaders should push up a lot this summer and look even goofier above the rows.  But over future years of careful spring/summer pruning the trees should reach a balanced, vaguely pyramidal form that can be maintained and refreshed by — winter pruning.  Fitz and Luke are smiling because they worked so fast that I trotted up too late for action photos.

OCY23 IN SqJune 8th, INDOORS – kind of.  It’s our new indoors! Specifically, the first pieces of the new Farnum Hill cider barn, also the view that will disappear behind it in a few weeks, and a sketch of the new view.  Tim Utt, architect, musician, and longtime friend, designed it to harmonize with our old buildings while offering a big open flexible efficient space.  More snaps later as it goes up. We’re told the main structure rises pretty fast.     LDS

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