June 2016

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    Week 26, Orchard Cider Year

    June 29, 2016 OUTDOORS: Remember Fitz plowing into the cloddy rooty surface of Two on the Hill back on May 19? Now it’s been seeded with sorghum sudan grass to build the soil (just before a helpful rain).  Now, out comes the chain harrow to comb soil over that seed. It kind of looks like […]

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    Week 25, Orchard Cider Year

    June 22, OUTDOORS:  That cyborg vision-enhancer covered in red electric tape, alias Steve’s Optivisor, opens a portal to wowville. Top left, a shriveled little applet (real word) that started growing, then quit, and would soon have dropped. Next, cross-sectioning a mighty applet sporting over 8 seeds, more than enough to typify a fruit that holds […]

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    Week 24, Orchard Cider Year

    June 15, OUTDOORS:  Skilled mowing may look even less entertaining than skilled pruning, but too bad. On a shockingly beautiful day, Jacques brings out the  offset mower to reach tall grass right under the trees. That little horizontal tire off the left end prevents tree injury from the occasional biff against bark.  Mowing cuts competition […]

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    Week 23, Orchard Cider Year

    June 8th, OUTDOORS: A productive orchard grows from thousands of early decisions. Fitz and Luke just moved through this 2013 cider planting, clipping back soft new shoots that sprouted from the central stem (“leader”) of each tree.  Some, to keep them from competing with the leader, which we want to grow as tall as possible […]

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    Week 22, Orchard Cider Year

    June 1, OUTDOORS:  First of all, remember last week’s Dabinett blossom, bee tributes, etc? Here’s one Dab cluster one week later: that’s some pollination! Round the edges, a mini-glance into the immense complexities of integrated pest management, which just won’t fit this format. Basically, certain winged bugs need watching this time of year. Apple Blotch […]