Week 21, Orchard Cider Year


May 25, OUTDOORS:  OCY 21 OUT Good Dabinett blossom. Two bumble species, moving in short hops flower to flower, pausing briefly, no slacking. They probably worked all day yesterday too. Honeybees madly active on this perfect day, with noticeably more aerobatics and longer stops than the home bees. Yesterday was less lovely, they took it easy. That dark green bulge after bee shots? Pollination taking hold!  Upon pollination, the tiny knob behind each blossom expands, almost at once!  BTW for good pollination, varieties must cross… pollinators have to move grains from a non-Dab blossom to a  Dab blossom to make each Dab apple! Ditto other varieties, obviously.  Imagine.
Bottom view – a fraction of the task.  Not pictured – acres of scented, buzzing air.  All these type-A bees is Ms. bees, let’s remember.

OCY21InRyanClean2May 25 INDOORS (Well, just outside): This is high-resolution cleaning – every cranny of every tank, etc etc.  Looks pretty macho the way Ryan does it. Tanks and everything else get intensively cleansed to be ready for moving and blending the 2015 fermentation batches which – as mentioned earlier – taste pretty gorgeous at this point.


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