Week 17, Orchard Cider Year


OCY17InsideApril 28, INDOORS: Mid-morning, we (Ryan, Steve, Wanda, Nicole, Louisa) just did a most encouraging tasting of seven 2015-crop fermentation batches, all differently delicious, with visitor Ria Windcaller of Cider Chat. As trained professionals, we all spat consistently (this is work)  but a few sensory descriptors were way too funny and Ria’s selfie stick may have swayed. Hence our blotto look in the pic.  (It’s Spring too, of course.)  These ciders, after careful blending and time to truly combine, will start being bottled maybe two months from now.

Wickson Buds Weird



April 29, OUTDOORS: Remember the terrifying freezes of early April?  Three degrees F at worst?  Astoundingly, some of those early-cracking Wickson buds survived!  Enough for a good crop!  Individual flower buds within clusters have been destroyed, with survivors looking a bit weird – but alive inside. We’ll see what they produce…  The twisted leaves?  That’s injury, but they function.  (Apologies for another blotto-looking photo.)
Dabinett bud
Meanwhile this typical Dabinett bud, all tight and snug through the cold, now looks potently green inside.  Amazingly, our 2016 cider crop has toughed it out so far.       LDS

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