Week 16, Orchard Cider Year


OCY16 OUT GraftApril 17, OUTDOORS: Imagine a row of young Jonagold trees. They will need pollination from another variety and Manchurian Crab is very effective. So Steve was out on this beautiful Sunday grafting one or two little feeble-looking Manchurian Crab scions (a scion is a living stick of another variety) onto every fifth or so Jonagold. J-gold isn’t so much for cider (we sell them fresh) but here’s an example of one reason to graft & it works in cider blocks too. If all goes well these branches of crab will pollinate future crops of Jonagold – it’s a space-saving solution. In a week or two – pictures of grafts growing! Ridiculously exciting.   PS – “Cambium layer” lies just under the bark – it forms new wood, and will join two pieces into a living whole.  Look up the details! Grafting is totally totally fun.     -LDS

OCY16INApril 17, INDOORS: Empty apple bins line the packing room behind 2015 fermentations. Keen eyes will notice the chalked notes on barrels; we vowed (a bit) to avoid too many “place/beauty shots,” but I just couldn’t resist. I like to think that the bins contained cider apples last fall; Ashmead’s Kernel, Spitz and Wickson transform over the winter and into the spring.    -CW


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