Week 15, Orchard Cider Year


OCY15 OutsideAApril 13, OUTDOORS: Ah, sun, high 40’s by day, low 30’s by night. Recent freezes mentally shelved because nobody yet knows what the effect on our fruit buds will be so why think about it?  Cousin Luke and Otis are in a pick-your-own block close to the yard, doing the usual. Top photos: pruning bigger trees means looking upward all day long, & of course wearing cool home-made toolbelts.  Maybe two more weeks till pruning is DONE!


OCY15In1April 13, INDOORS: Yup, more tasting, making sure this next blend is aces.  Remember we’re still releasing blends made from 2014 fermentation batches!  The ’15-crop batches won’t start becoming Farnum Hill ciders for months yet.  We can’t shove deliciousness into our ciders, it creeps in at its own pace. (Did we already complain about the extra-maddening ’14-crop Kingston Black, which took 8 more weeks than normal to taste like Kingston Black?)                LDS

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