Week 14, Orchard Cider Year


OCY14 OUTSIDEApril 6-7 OUTDOORS: Well, we’ve had such monstrously cold nights – 18F, 6F, 8F respectively – that there has been bud-kill already, perhaps huge bud-kill. (See the brownish spots and unevenly darkened tissue in that second crosscut bud? Cells have been ruptured by internal freezing.)
Last week we had normal old worries that blossom parts would separate into the open and be killed by low-20’s later on. Hah. Why wait? The Polar Vortex was ready to shove freakishly frigid air through the Northeast, hitting us and many of our orchard friends with crop losses right now!  It injured buds that had barely broken dormancy, just begun pulling in moisture.  No way to know yet how much has been lost. Of course there’s still plenty of time for the regular kind of cold damage later. Auggghh!  What to do? Prune, of course. Ryan and Otis worked in the pear orchard – now those are some wacky-looking trees.



April 7 INDOORS: More tasting, more notes. Many more gallons of 2014-crop fermentations still need to be artfully combined into various versions of ciderliciousness.  Artfulness is slow and repetitive. This really is a new picture.           LDS

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