April 2016

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    Week 17, Orchard Cider Year

    April 28, INDOORS: Mid-morning, we (Ryan, Steve, Wanda, Nicole, Louisa) just did a most encouraging tasting of seven 2015-crop fermentation batches, all differently delicious, with visitor Ria Windcaller of Cider Chat. As trained professionals, we all spat consistently (this is work)  but a few sensory descriptors were way too funny and Ria’s selfie stick may […]

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    Week 16, Orchard Cider Year

    April 17, OUTDOORS: Imagine a row of young Jonagold trees. They will need pollination from another variety and Manchurian Crab is very effective. So Steve was out on this beautiful Sunday grafting one or two little feeble-looking Manchurian Crab scions (a scion is a living stick of another variety) onto every fifth or so Jonagold. […]

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    Week 15, Orchard Cider Year

    April 13, OUTDOORS: Ah, sun, high 40’s by day, low 30’s by night. Recent freezes mentally shelved because nobody yet knows what the effect on our fruit buds will be so why think about it?  Cousin Luke and Otis are in a pick-your-own block close to the yard, doing the usual. Top photos: pruning bigger […]

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    Week 14, Orchard Cider Year

    April 6-7 OUTDOORS: Well, we’ve had such monstrously cold nights – 18F, 6F, 8F respectively – that there has been bud-kill already, perhaps huge bud-kill. (See the brownish spots and unevenly darkened tissue in that second crosscut bud? Cells have been ruptured by internal freezing.) Last week we had normal old worries that blossom parts […]