Week 9, Orchard Cider Year


OCY9 Outside2bb1March 1 OUTDOORS: No new snow. Fitz & Jacques are nearly through pruning our old trial orchard, planted in 1961 but now sporting scores of obscure varieties grafted on during the ’80’s. The tryout years are long past, so this orchard now opens for pick-your-own each fall. Those blue signs guide the public: numbers key to a chart that ID’s the grafted variety on each tree.  174: Golden Russet (brilliant for every use ); 148: Redstreak, (bittersweet cider, yes – lunchbox, no).


OCY 9 Inside2
March 1 INDOORS:  Orchard cider-making is not just sniffing and tasting. Here’s Ryan up high, cleaning a 1300-gal tank that soon will fill up as some of the later 2015 fermentations are racked off their lees. Yes, there’s some lens-drama in this photo but believe us, it’s a fair trip up there, especially the many-eth time. (BTW that squat tank glimpsed at lower left has a twin; they’re both full of the latest FH Semi-Dry blended from ’14 juice. Bottling soon!) LDS


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