Week 13, Orchard Cider Year


OCY 13 OutsideMarch 31 OUTDOORS:  OK, the day-to-day suspense of too-warm-too-early just started.  Wickson is our herald variety here, always first to crack – and it’s  cracking two weeks earlier than “normal.”  See how the little brown outer plates are parting.  Predicted next week? Cold cold COLD, after two more warmish days.  So the buds may well pause that week, which would be great. In the cross-cut, it’s hard to see little green shapes packed inside that flower bud – there are six actually, each an individual blossom.  If the flower buds push their six frail little parts out and separate them too early into the open air, a seriously cold night (low 20’s F) will likely come along — during which the bits that normally become apples will instead freeze and be killed.  We’ll keep in touch on this.  (Pruning going on too, BTW.)

OCY 13 inside


March 31 INDOORS: A Spring cleaning moment, thrilling for us, dull for you. The cider room feels magically double-size! Really it’s empty. Loads of cleansed items will be right back in by evening.  But pride cometh not only before a fall — pride also cometh after big boring feats of cleaning.


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