Week 12, Orchard Cider Year


OCY12 OUTMarch 22 OUTDOORS: This is part of our Black Hill cider orchard, planted mostly in the ’90’s. Today Corrie went up in the Brownie lift to snap a small pruner in a big field: another angle on why pruning takes so long. Jacques is faintly circled – can you find Newton?
So far things look nice and brown and dormant, no need to fuss about premature bud-break. So we won’t.





March 22 INDOORS: More dormancy here, in perry pear scions. Steve is bundling and labeling them for cool, damp storage, to keep them inactive and fresh for grafting later.  We can’t wait to post some “before & after” grafting pics in later weeks – such a hoo-rah when dead-looking little sticks push out leaves!
The cider room is quiet today. Everyone is out pruning or out sick or out with sick kids – ah Spring.          LDS

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