Week 11, Orchard Cider Year


OCY11 outsideMarch 15 OUTDOORS: Steve  cutting scions – pieces of lively first-year wood – from a Brandy perry pear.  They will be top-worked – grafted – onto younger placeholder pear trees (Asian pear trees, actually) which will become Brandy trees.  We want to make more perry, and also find more perry varieties that grow really well here.  At right see a three-year-old topwork graft in the same pear block.  The weather is grey, ambiguous and fitfully warm. (More about warm-spring problems some other time.)

OCY 11 InsideMarch 15 INDOORS is quiet: Otis is filling out the paperwork that accompanies leaf samples: last August/September,  carefully-gathered leaves from various locations throughout our orchards went into those brown bags.  Now they go to a lab that analyzes nutrient levels in leaf tissue.  Nicole is tasting through 2015 fermentations of  Kingston Black and Ashmead’s Kernel, trying to determine just when to rack them off their lees.  Others of us will taste through too, also one by one.  Forward ever! LDS


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