Week 10, Orchard Cider Year


OCY10InsideMarch 8 INDOORS: Assorted equipment: our vintage counter-pressure filler and a newer, temporary item, maybe counter-pressure in another way. The filler will move in a couple of hours when we set up to bottle. The bag will move right out when harvest starts and every inch counts. Nobody’s here right now, because Steve borrowed a surprising machine to help the pruners and we’re all interested …






March 8 OUTDOORS: So the person on the lift can steer this trike – no climbing down to a driver’s seat! Attached are power pole loppers & a power pole saw!  This is just one unbelievably useful & affordable innovation by Phil Brown, longtime inventor and maker of orcharding equipment. The brilliance of his work is celebrated by people who know it, and invisible to the rest of the world. That’s Jacques up high, an inset pic of the controls, and most of us clumped around doing something or nothing. Only Newton is bored. LDS

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