Week 6: Orchard Cider Year


NicoleGlass1ooFebruary 10  INDOORS: Look! Nicole LeGrand Leibon, aka Her Sensory Amazingness, home from the West Coast after teaching sensory analysis to hordes of attendees after #CiderCon!  It’s hard hard work helping people’s minds to separate, isolate and name the many (& changing) strands of aroma, flavor and texture  woven into a sensory “experience.” (Also exhausting at the learning end.) So here’s an “art shot” of tired, jet-lagged Nicole, first day back in the cider room, about to focus on XD & SD.  Professorial specs not hers.






February 10 OUTDOORS: And here’s Steve Wood, action-pruning 20-year-old dwarf Ribston Pippin trees again. In his view Otis and Jacques left too much wood on them first time through.  Sorry, variety-seekers, pruning is what is, week after winter week!       (LDS)

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