Behind the Chicago Cider Summit and …


Tired guy looking good.

This is Alan Shapiro. Around him, something called a Cider Summit is drawing hordes of happy cider explorers to taste a mad range of ciders.  Since 2010, more & bigger smooth & stylish Summits have happened in various cities every year, thanks to Alan, Mya, Kelsey, Jamie and crew at SBS Imports.  Six years on, we believe American cider-space would be half as vigorous and interesting without their hard work.  We are very grateful.
Our Corrie Wolosin will pour Farnum Hill at the Chicago Cider Summit next Saturday — we haven’t missed one Chi-town summit yet.

See below part of Alan’s interview with Eric West of Cider Guide, analyzing America’s exploding cider scene (scary in some ways).  This bit is here for obvious reasons, but we recommend the whole interview:

“… as the consumer is becoming more educated, I think they’re able to distinguish a bit more about the different range of cider producers …  I think you have some consumers that we’re drawing from the wine world, and they’re probably going to be more interested in the things like Farnum Hill, or EZ Orchards in Oregon is another great example. Really terrific, orchard-based, artisan production that’s in more of a wine feel—cork-finished 750ml bottles. So there’s starting to be some segmentation developing within the cider universe. And there’s going to be some evolution on the consumer side in terms of some percentage of them getting really interested. And that it’s important that they’re drinking an orchard-based cider. But that’s a relatively small percentage.”                                          (LDS)

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