February 2016

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    Week 8: Orchard Cider Year

    February 23 OUTDOORS: Snow temporarily gone: Jeff’s out to prune — raspberries! Each year he takes out most of last year’s growth to leave only 3-4 canes per foot. They look like sad rows of whiskers, then explode into mighty hedges in spring.  (We grow 1.5 acres of berries for a quick happy summer pick-your-own […]

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    Behind the Chicago Cider Summit and …

    This is Alan Shapiro. Around him, something called a Cider Summit is drawing hordes of happy cider explorers to taste a mad range of ciders.  Since 2010, more & bigger smooth & stylish Summits have happened in various cities every year, thanks to Alan, Mya, Kelsey, Jamie and crew at SBS Imports.  Six years on, […]

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    Week 7: Orchard Cider Year

      February 17 OUTDOORS:  Pruning on and on under a dull sky. Big trees, busy pole saw. But today, a quick tribute to the small Wheeler Saw (highlighted) hanging from Otis’ belt. Designed specifically for pruning, patented in 1956 (you can see the application on line), excellent as ever.             […]

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    Week 6: Orchard Cider Year

    February 10  INDOORS: Look! Nicole LeGrand Leibon, aka Her Sensory Amazingness, home from the West Coast after teaching sensory analysis to hordes of attendees after #CiderCon!  It’s hard hard work helping people’s minds to separate, isolate and name the many (& changing) strands of aroma, flavor and texture  woven into a sensory “experience.” (Also exhausting […]

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    Week 5: Orchard Cider Year

      February 4 INDOORS:  Our Kingston Black makes its way to the New Hampshire State Liquor Stores, carefully stickered with the State Code, and stamped “Still,” too.             February 4 OUTDOORS: Orchard folks are scattered here and there this week — and the unseasonably warm weather makes the dooryard a muddy […]