Week 3: Orchard Cider Year

BlogIn3 Filemakr

Corrie, representing our love for Filemaker, don’t care who knows it!


Jan. 20 INDOORS: Ah, feeling good! This week our giant heaps of accumulated knowledge are being poured back into Filemaker… We’re reunited and it feels so good, after breaking up in 2008 and looking for that total recall in all the wrong places till now…



L to R: Otis, Jacques and Fitz, the tree whisperer.





Jan. 20 OUTDOORS: What, you want variety? Enough pruning already? Hah. This is a real orchard year.  But TODAY, amazingly, we heard on the radio Brooke Wilkinson, who pruned here (and did everything else) years ago. She talked about that pruning! Here’s the link!      (LDS)

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