Week 2: Orchard Cider Year


Blogweek2INSIDEJan 13 INDOORS: From the empty end of our bottling setup: there’s Jeff sparging, Ryan running both the counterpressure filler & corker, Wanda running the wire-hooder, then Otis (at the full end) setting Extra Dry bottles in bins, 231 to a bin. Hiss/clink/doink/gush/slide/hum/rattle/bump/clink. Certain sounds from each person/machine over and over. Motown helping at this moment.




PrunersWakeOUTDOORweek2Jan 13 OUTDOORS: Easy to see how far they’ve progressed up the hill. Still in one of the 5o+-year-old pick-your-own orchards.  Trickier pruning comes later, as Fitz explains in the video.
Where is everybody? Bottling, or dodging today’s mean wind-chill. Pruning time is flex-time.       (LDS)

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