Week 1: Orchard Cider Year


Here begins Orchard Cider Year, from Poverty Lane Orchards/Farnum Hill Ciders: 2 snapshots every week, one outdoors, one indoors, through the year. Follow via Twitter or Instagram at #orchardcideryear, or right here on the old- fashioned website.

Steve pressing cider fruit by phone.

Jolly pruners Day 1: old McIntosh are easy!

Jan 6 INDOORS: Steve Wood using his power-tool-a-phone to blend varietal juices at Box Mill press, where a wholesale apple customer’s cider fruit is being pressed. That’s his corner of the cider room.









Jan 6 OUTDOORS: Pruning starts in the easy trees that nobody can mess up, then grows harder. Various people prune at various times, with Fitz and Steve doing diagnosis and refinements variety to variety, orchard to orchard.  For months and months.
Jacques, Otis and Harry are pruning today, more or fewer may tomorrow! See our pruning video with Fitz & Steve by clicking HERE.         (LDS)

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