January 2016

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    Week 4: Orchard Cider Year

    January 27 INDOORS:  Nicole, Steve and Ryan are pulling words from complex waves of aroma, tasting a biggish 2014-crop blend batch (>1100 gallons). What additional dash of a varietal batch might make the blend even better?  Nicole usually writes the notes … We’ve needed miles of handwriting every year to bring out the most delicious […]

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    Week 3: Orchard Cider Year

      Jan. 20 INDOORS: Ah, feeling good! This week our giant heaps of accumulated knowledge are being poured back into Filemaker… We’re reunited and it feels so good, after breaking up in 2008 and looking for that total recall in all the wrong places till now…           Jan. 20 OUTDOORS: What, […]

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    Week 2: Orchard Cider Year

    Jan 13 INDOORS: From the empty end of our bottling setup: there’s Jeff sparging, Ryan running both the counterpressure filler & corker, Wanda running the wire-hooder, then Otis (at the full end) setting Extra Dry bottles in bins, 231 to a bin. Hiss/clink/doink/gush/slide/hum/rattle/bump/clink. Certain sounds from each person/machine over and over. Motown helping at this […]

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    Week 1: Orchard Cider Year

    Here begins Orchard Cider Year, from Poverty Lane Orchards/Farnum Hill Ciders: 2 snapshots every week, one outdoors, one indoors, through the year. Follow via Twitter or Instagram at #orchardcideryear, or right here on the old- fashioned website. Jan 6 INDOORS: Steve Wood using his power-tool-a-phone to blend varietal juices at Box Mill press, where a wholesale apple customer’s […]

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    Happy New Year from Farnum Hill Ciders

    We’re slowly waking up after the holidays. Currently, we’ve got XD in the bottling tanks and ice and snow in the Dooryard. Here’s one of Brenda’s recent beauty shots of the pre-holiday trees.