Looking for Summer? (Cider, that is)


Savvy Farnum Hill followers may have noticed that we’re not producing Summer Cider this year. Mostly, this is because we don’t like to make a seasonsal cider. When we first introduced Summer Cider (about 10 years ago), the market for orchard-based ciders was pitifully small. To help cider in the summer gain some acceptance (Europeans shift to cider in the summer just as we shift to lighter beers) we started making our most fruit-forward, sweetest cider. By the rest of the world’s standards, Summer Cider is still dry, but the touch of sugar seemed to pop the lovely flavors up just a touch. And at 7.5% ABV, a glass or two midday won’t put you to sleep! 

But don’t despair! New Hampshire State Liquor Stores DO have some Summer Cider. It’s last years version, but we’ve tasted it recently and can recommend it without hesitation.

Look for it in the following NH State Liquor Outlet locations:  N. Londonderry, Hooksett, West Lebanon, Lebanon, Salem, Hampton, Keene, Plaistow and Nashua. To find it through the NH State system, go to NH’s search page and type in either “Farnum Hill” or “43923.” 

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