Many Sides of Cider; Thinking about the Category


There’s been a groundswell of interest in cider over the past few years.

We celebrate our 20th anniversary as a bonded winery later this year, and after all this time standing in retail locations, working with our distributors, and generally banging our heads against what people think cider is…..well, thank goodness for Eric West and his comprehensive guide to the category from Cidercraft’s Winter/Spring issue. He quickly identifies a challenge, below: 

Yet this lack of tradition…makes it difficult for cider drinkers to know what’s inside the bottle. Compare this to the worlds of beer and wine. Beer drinkers recognize the difference between pale ale and stout because there is general consensus about styles of beer. Wine drinkers recognize the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling because there is general consensus about grape varieties that are best suited for wine.

But for cider, the conversation about style has barely begun. And cider is not typically made with a single variety of apple, or even with an established blend of apple varieties. So what’s a cider drinker to do?

Luckily, he puts forth suggestions to sort cider in your mind. Are you a “modern cider” drinker? More of an import sort? Or for us here at Farnum Hill, we like the thought of being a “traditional cider.” Let us know where you fall. 


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