Wassail Hurray!


Wassail3 Wassail, a cider bar offering a huge variety of well-made ciders and apple spirits, plus cocktails, plus a delicious menu, has opened in NYC. In this photo the place looks quiet but two days later it was jammed with jolly folks for the grand opening  on March 24th. ‘Wassail’ has meant many things:  ‘your good health,’  ‘an ancient libation rite to appeal  for a fruitful year”  – and now it’s a chic, cozy, taste-expanding haven for cider explorers. Wassail offers  a universe of apple fermentations!  Find this fabulous portal into ciderspace  –  on Orchard Street, Manhattan.

WassailLDSbr1Our own Steve and Louisa popped into Wassail a couple of days ahead to help with staff training, then went back when the fun began.

And – AND – we are particularly proud of the wallpaper in Wassail’s ladies’ and gents’  because – stylized into giant black-and-white dot patterns – which become weirdly coherent seen through a lens – are Steve and Louisa! (Somehow longevity in American orchard ciders has turned into prestige!)

WassailSMWbr1In photos these big images look like  old B&W TV screens. In reality the wallpapers  are much more elegant and cool – we’re harder to see! (LDS)



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