Cider Radio WBUR Wow!


Our own Louisa Spencer took on Boston’s rush hour early Friday, September 2, for a dreamlike hour of talking about and tasting assorted ciders with Tom Ashbrook of ‘On Point’ in the WBUR studios!  (The first hour was a roundup of the week’s horrid news: switching focus to cider had to take intense concentration.) Other guests were Ben Watson, author of Cider, Hard & Sweet and Lars Ringsrud of Snowdrift Cider in Washington State. But those two phoned in – so Louisa, already a big ‘On Point’ fan, got to help the producers (minimally)  before the broadcast, preparing for actual cider tasting on the air  – and then see and hear the master at the microphone. (Listen at Mr. Ashbrook seemed pleasantly astounded at the variety and character of the ciders in the studio, which of course were a tiny fraction of the ciders in the U.S. market, which of course is a tiny fraction of what it someday will be! (The two Snowdrift ciders tasted seriously good, by the way – orchard-made, with bittersweet apples in the blends, semi-dry, delicious.)

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