Cide by Cide: FH Summer & Bonny Doon Querry

Stacks from California & New Hampshire: 'cider to shining cider'?

Cider to shining cider? Artful fermentations from from CA & NH, joining forces in selected NH Liquor Stores. And that bicoastal poster – whoa.

Here’s a cool summer idea hatched at NH Liquor Commission HQ: put two distinctive ciders of extremely different character together, do store tastings of both, see what happens.  The experiment has begun, in 14 selected NHLC stores (mostly the ones near state lines.)
Our 2014 Summer Cider is one of the nicest ever, a limited lot already sold out at the farm – it’s fruity, keen, cleansing, dry. Querry from Cali is made from pear, apple, and quince, with a softer, sweeter profile.  Randall Grahm’s Bonny Doon Winery, a big wine-market presence, is famed for high quality, ingenious packaging, and daring ideas. Querry cider lives up to that reputation.
WHICH NH Liquor Stores offer the East-West Cider Combo?
Southern NH: Portsmouth (both stores), I95  Hampton (both stores), Plaistow, Salem, I93 Hooksett (both stores), Nashua (Store 5o, the one way south on the DW Highway), Bedford, Keene.
Mid-to-Northern NH: West Lebanon, Conway, Glen. (Click here for store locator).
It’s early yet and these same stores are running dozens of mad discounts on stacked wines right now. It may take time for people to spot the cider stacks – though that signage works mighty hard! And as usual FH Summer Cider is in about forty of the home-state drink-shops all told.

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