World’s Best Ciders, we’re in the book


Best Cider Steve PressYes we are, Farnum Hill that is, in it. There’s a couple of pages about Steve Wood, terming him ‘the resurrectionist’ as you see at left. Now we know the author is a funny guy who’s entirely aware that resurrectionists were also people who dug up fresh corpses and sold them to medical schools in a less well-ordered era than our own. Steve, of course, is credited with resurrecting American cidermaking, which isn’t strictly accurate but he’s one of precious few – of course a lot of us here at the farm sure helped too, and we’re as cute or cuter than he is. 
Never mind, the book is genuinely fun to read, witty not gushy, with remarkable pictures. Needless to say it carries its readers to many unusual places where intriguing cider is held high. Anyway, click here to the author’s website for World’s Best Cider (English edition) alias World’s Best Ciders (American edition).

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