Steve’s in a New Cider Book!


Best ciders press1World’s Best Ciders is a new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, witty Englishmen who spent a couple of days at our orchard in 2011 and investigated everything, laughing at jet-lag, then whizzed onward. Back then they doubted that their book would come out over here.  Apparently publishers in the States didn’t see much demand for a real-cider book.

Well!  Something must have changed in the last two years, because here it is, large as life and sparkling with character. You know how gorgeous photographs can be kind of static, not to say solemn? And how foodie-drinkie writing can be kind of earnest, not to say pious? Not here. Clever, funny, eye-filling, with a sense of proportion — the ideal guide through expanding cider-space. And among the cider-places these guys liked is ours, with a page-long word-snapshot of Steve Wood, headed “The Resurrectionist.” Wow.

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