See you at NYC Wine Riot 2013?

Well, you kind of knew that ‘cider’ is the fermented juice of apples the way ‘wine’ is the fermented juice of grapes, right? So you get why for years we’ve poured FH Ciders at big wine shows. The next one is the 2013 New York City Wine Riot, Friday and Saturday September 20th-21st in the Big You-Know-What. Back in the oughties when cider was severely misunderstood, those wine shows were kind of tough sledding for the Farnum Hill pouring peeps. But each year we saw more and more amazed smiles break out on the faces of more and more open-minded flavor-seekers. And now? Now that cider is cool and orchard-made cider is beyond cool… well, these big dos are way more fun for us.  And for explorers, of course, there are hundreds of sips from around the world.  If you’re in the area, pop the link above for prices, times, and offerings.
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