Noo Yawk Cider Week 2013


New York Cider Week has been very very good to us in its first two years, so we are happily planning for NY Cider Week 2013, October 18-27th. Confirmed so far, a store tasting on Thursday Oct. 24th at Astor Wines, which since 2002 has purveyed FH Ciders in the Big Fruit. And again we’ll be at Astor Center’s delightful Applepalooza. October 27th.
A crazy number of other possible events has been proposed. Right now we’re figuring out how many of us can commit to how many of those — what with this little issue of an apple harvest going on at the same time here at home. So we should have a good list of NY events in a couple of weeks…
But enough about us. The Cider Week idea has exploded over three years, as cider explorers have multiplied at blinding speed! Other cider-active regions are starting their own cider weeks, so check this page for down-coast and west-coast Cider Weeks.

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