As the Cider World Turns….News Roundup


When we get really busy with harvest and bottling and fermentation and Cider Week events and Dooryard’s launch, our attention sometimes shifts away from things like updating our blog.  But we’ve made it through the Thanksgiving push and are catching up on work of all sorts.  So, at long last, here’s the Cider News Roundup.  Taaah dahhh! 

Cider media mentions usually peak in October, and the week just before Thanksgiving has historically been a great time to find cider stories.  But this year, press coverage began even earlier with Cider Week, a collaborative project for cider makers, apple growers, and consumers.  For more about Cider Week, check out the many events from this fall’s celebration.   Chris Lehault from Serious Eats/The Cider Press summarized the hype with this posting:

“Cider week is just one aspect of Glynwood’s Apple Project, an ongoing program to preserve Hudson Valley orchards through the production of cider and spirits. The project, spearheaded by Glynwood’s Sarah Grady, aims to celebrate regional orchards with a “cider route” through the Hudson Valley as well as encourage the growth and improvement of the cider industry through an exchange program with cider makers from Le Perche, France.

Cider Week is a seven day celebration of apple fermentables featuring tastings, pairings, and seminars throughout New York City. Local cideries such as Farnum Hill, West County, Eve’s Cidery, Foggy Ridge, Slyboro and Bellwether will be featured alongside some of the finest international ciders from France and Spain at shops and restaurants throughout the city. “

Check out Chris’ cider musings on the web at Serious Eats: The Cider Press.

At Bon Appetit, Andrew Knowlton featured cider in their October 2011 issue.  And after tasting 50 US ciders, they recommended Dooryard as a top choice. Food and Wine got on the cider bandwagon too this fall, mentioning ciders from around the country, our own Dooryard, and a n(ice) shout-out to our colleagues in northern VT, Eden Ice.

And then right in time for Thanksgiving, we were thrilled to see Farnum Hill on Eric Asimov’s blog and in TimeOut New York.  Both recommended Farnum Hill’s Extra Dry Sparkling for the day of feasting, football and family.

Plus, for the super-geeky among you, there are two interesting stories in the broader cider market — first, the UK company C&C (they’re the folks behind Magners and Bulmers) bought Gallo’s Hornsby cider brand.  Also, Woodchuck Cider launches its “Farmhouse Select” cider this month, with apples grown from Champlain Orchards in Vermont.

Watch this space for the next edition of “As the Cider World Turns.”




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