Where’s That Dooryard?


Early November, 2011: Whoof! Faster still, the mad pace of Dooryard outflow toward regional cider drinkers has the FH cider-room team glowing, and grousing, as never before. The first New Jersey Dooryard has rolled into the Garden State, where Hunterdon will roll it out. Plus, dear old SD, XD, KB and even XDS are showing steepest-ever pre-holiday increases. 

October 14th, 2011:  Phew! The Dooryard batches in all their variation are proving that regional cider drinkers are ready to taste first, judge after, and shed predictability. The stuff is streaming out as fast as we can make it.  Next amazing development: the first New Jersey Dooryard is in the works. Don’t try to figure it out.  All will be revealed pretty soon, when all is revealed.

September 3, 2011: Click for Steve’s note on DY #1125, all in kegs, most headed for NY and VT.

August 28, 2011: Dooryard blends are making friends all over the place, especially near home where we can offer the small small batches. Mind you, loud lip-smacking noises ring across the Northeast as#1108 and #1120 work their magic in NY, MA, RI and VT.

We’re out of #1120 kegs and #1121 kegs at the farm, but a few are still flowing locally.

A few dozen #1123 kegs still stand at the farm, for NH accounts and Growler Day. #1123 is on draft at Salt hill Leb and Ramunto’s Leb, moving right along.

June 30, 2011: Dooryard bottles and kegs recently began leaving the Hill, offering to cheer sweaty citizens in NH, MA, RI and soon in NY. We’ve sent out some Independence-Dayish signs and shelf cards to nudge people back/forward toward pouring cider in hot weather, like the rest of the apple-friendly world. The current Dooryard batches are #1108 and #1120. Both deliver stronger tannic and acidic whacks than many Farnum Hill drinkers will yet have met. They’re 7.5% alcohol by volume, bracingly funky, fruity, and surprising, we think.

Though we avoid linking our stuff to any existing ‘style’ — new American cidermaking still seems too unformed  to justify that sort of talk — the #1108 does offer a gentler version of the tannic grip found in many traditional West-of-England ciders. Please send your comments if you have the time.

May 20, 2011: Various bold bars in N.H., Massachusetts and New York are serving Farnum Hill ‘Dooryard,’ and reordering. So far, the bittersweet-dense Dooryard batches we’ve sent out are finding a welcome. Next step: bottles. The first lots are filled already. When the new labels come in from the printer, we’ll stick them on and call the truckers.

So far we have sent out modest herds of kegs from four batches #1108#1101,#1409 and #1011.  By now, both #1409 and #1011 have been drunk down with pleasure. Phew!

As of May 19, we also have a couple of local-only kegs going, #910 ( Kingston Black) and #309 (our first decent perry).



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