January 2011

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    Idaho Ciders and the Right Fruit

    From Idaho, writer Guy Hand makes the case for American ciders.  His article appeared recently in Boise Weekly: After all, we’re not tasting beer or wine here. It’s bright, slightly sweet, but far from cloying, and as Oates says, makes a U-turn on the tongue toward a kind of fruity astringency. I don’t know much […]

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    Fruit to Glass, Making Real Cider

    From cider fan and Serious Eats writer Chris Lehault comes another instructive article about cider. He’s totally right – true cider starts in the orchard. From the ciderriffic Mr. Lehault: Developing a delicious hard cider is no easy feat. From farmer to scientist to master blender, aspiring cidermakers take on a variety of roles through […]

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    The Good Blizzard

    The good blizzard lands where it’s appreciated, for cleaning up the yard… force-parking the fleet… showing off the new paint job that holds up the buildings… erasing the bare print where the retail tent stood… laying down gorgeous blue shadows… but not shutting down the last Growler Day of 2010. P.S. For all of you […]