Holiday Gifting for Cider Geeks, revised


It’s a big day for Northwest cider and Northwest Cidermakers — the publication of their of Washington State University’s long awaited publication “Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest.”

So instead of the latest best seller or Harry Potter knock-off, we recommend this for the cider geek on your holiday list. And it’s a bargain at $8, and offers great reading for the aspiring and experienced cidermaker alike. NW Cider Assocation Cidermaker Drew Zimmerman was one of the contributors as was NWCA friend Gary Moulton. It is sure to be a reference to keep close at hand.

Here’s what to expect from the limited edition (only 332 copies!) publication:

Making hard cider for both commercial and private enjoyment is the target of renewed interest in areas that are well suited to growing apples. This manual provides basic information on the many considerations that go into the reliable production of high quality cider for market, including choosing among cider apple categories, laboratory juice analysis, fermentation procedures, maturation, pasteurizing, and product evaluation in Part I, and rootstock selection, pest management, harvest, and storage in Part II.

Get your own copy from the WSU website. Perfect for cider fans across the country!

And in other holiday gifting news, we found this terrific posting from John at The Trad on Farnum Hill and a stylish foxy belt evocative of that recent ciderriffic movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Here’s what he had to say:

Cider plays a big role in the Fantastic Mr. Fox.
…..“It’s my turn,” said Badger, taking the jar and tilting his head well back. The cider gurgled and bubbled down his throat. “It’s …like melted gold!” he gasped. “Oh, Foxy, it’s…like drinking sunbeams and rainbows.” From the Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

And when I go to one of the best wine stores in the country I don’t expect to sell staff on a product they’re supposed to be selling. But cider is a toughie. I remember cider taps in London pubs and thinking, “Who drinks that crap?” I associated cider with ‘sweet’ and ‘little old ladies’ sipping a half pint. So did the wine expert who told me, “I’ve met the folks from Farnum Hill but I’m not much for cider. Too sweet.” says the expert. Convert time.

I let go, “Man, I felt the same way but this stuff is different. Not sweet at all and it’s great with food. I had it with roasted chicken the other night and it was perfection. And… at 7.5% alcohol I can drink a bottle and not feel like I was hit by a truck.” The wine expert looks at the cider bottle and hmmmms. “Maybe I’ll give it a try.” he says. “Whadaya got to lose?” I says. “It’s 12 cussing bucks.”

Well put, John, we agree!  And of course, the belt is quite a bonus.

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