Retail Done, Pressing and Wholesale Go On


Never have we had so few eating apples left on October 31!  A few boxes of Lady, not a Mac, Cortland any other tasty variety to be found. But all in all the retail season was much more fun than we anticipated. People liked the Orchard Info Walk, but they abandoned it completely when we decided to do Pick-Your-Own after all! In ten days, very energetic and alert PYO people pretty much detected every apple on the place and took’em all away. They were most understanding about the apple shortage (see earlier posts). Some folks who had heard the phrase ‘bad apple year’ thought that meant we had lots of ‘bad apples.’ They were pleased to learn it meant ‘good apples but not many!’

The cider apples were another story. Quite a lot of them sneaked past the frost. We brought in more bittersweets than we could use, and to Steve’s delight there were so many cidermakers scattered across the country who wanted bittersweet juice that we could have sold our surplus several times over! This is so encouraging for the future of cider orcharding in the U.S.! In the next several years we hope to see thousands of acres planted to cider fruit. Then a wide variety of regional ciders can pour forth to glorify their home landscapes.

Meanwhile, back in the present, we’re pressing and fermenting this years’s Farnum Hill juice and bottling, labeling and shipping out the beautiful ciders made from last year’s.

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