Pick-Your-Own 2010 (Seek Your Own?) is so much fun!


Sounds kind of obvious perhaps but the iffiness of Pick-Your-Own this year has reminded us of how much we love it. The Big 2010 Apple Shortage originally caused us to decide against offering PYO at the start of the season. Then after two weeks in the retail tent with no pick-your-own we opened up Big Stearns (the big field uphill at the home farm) and One Below (the small one below the barns). We ran the tractor rides all weekend, since the weather was decent both days. People just had a great old time apple-hunting. Retail Stand Hours

We did have to keep our dear customers out of one little block containing a precious few Calville and Wickson. This was the first time ever we’ve used yellow CAUTION tape! People were properly respectful. I (Louisa) thought about buying POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS but decided that would look even sillier than CAUTION. We apologize to everyone who looks forward to picking in that block. Here’s hoping 2011 is a more normal year.

It turned out that nobody wanted to take the ‘Didja Know’ tour when they could be picking, so we decided not to expand that till PYO is over, which probably will be soon. Our usual heirloom apple tasting array is just not going to be that magnificent this year.

On the FH Cider side: Check out our event calendar to find Farnum Hill’s upcoming events, some in NH, some in MA. Further out, we’re hoping to send at least one of us into New York & Jersey during October, do some pouring and pitching, enlarge ‘ciderspace’ (ooh, pretty good) in the Greater Metropolitan Area. Ciderspace is so not virtual, but fits nicely around speedy Greater-Metro lives.

Perhaps you know that cider was once spelled ‘cyder.’ Way too quaint for us, but would have made my joke that much better. Cyderspace! Whoa! (LDS)

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